When a procession of Norman soldiers escort a group of prisoners through the depths of the forest, they are ambushed by a band of bloodthirsty thugs. The Normans routed and shown no mercy, a captive minstrel manages to trade his life for a song. Composed on the spot, he promises his attackers immortality through the ages. But sometimes legends are born by accident, and history can play a game of Chinese whispers with the truth. 
Official selection at over 35 international festivals since May 2017. Proof of concept         medieval comedy. 
        WINNER - Best Short, Satisfied Eye FF 2018
        WINNER - Best Costume, Satisfied Eye FF 2018
        NOMINATED - Best International Director, Portland Comedy FF 2018
        NOMINATED - Best Short, Maryland International FF 2018
        NOMINATED - Best Original Score, Hamilton International Film Festival 2018
Shot over one weekend in Langley Forest, Buckinghamshire - The Legend of Bob Leonard is Will's 5th Short Film to date. The film has been been selected for various festivals worldwide including London SFF, Kerry SFF, Offline, Colchester, Exit 6 (where it was nominated for best film) and The Smalls. The film is still on the festival circuit until spring 2018. 
Written & Directed by WILL KENNING
Produced by SAM GRIEVES 
Director of Photography JAMES KAR 
Stunts & Horses STEVE DENT

Film Specs
Film Language: English 
Completion Date: 2017 
Picture Format: 2.35 (Scope) 
Sound Mix: Stereo / 5.1 / 7.1
Framerate: 25fps 
Shooting Format: Red
Editing // Programs Used: Avid