Geoff has Gephyrophobia - a fear of crossing bridges. Trapped in a home surrounded by bridges and yet compelled to stay to care for his ailing Mother, Geoff has constructed an ingenious (and at times ridiculous) set of procedures to enable his daily life and avoid his phobia at all costs. But when the woman he loves decides to force a change in his behaviour, his life begins to fall apart as the source of his demons are revealed. Geoff must confront his fear, or loose everything.
        BAFTA -  Long-listed 2019
        WINNER - Best Short, SCAD Savannah FF 2018
        WINNER - Best Director, SCAD Savannah FF 2018
        WINNER - Best Short, Montecatini International FF 2018
        WINNER - Best Cinematography, Sapporo FF 2018
        WINNER - Best Actor (Michael Rouse), Rhode Island 2018
Geoff is a short film written and directed by Will Kenning & Michael Rouse, produced by Jimmy Yuill. The film was shot in May 2017 and stars Michael Rouse, Kathryn Wilder and Sandra Voe. It screened at The Landmark theatre in Los Angeles in Autumn 2017 and has now completed it's festival circuit. 
Written & Directed by WILL KENNING & MICHAEL ROUSE 
Produced by JIMMY YUILL 
Director of Photography HAMISH DOYNE-DITMAS
Edited by JOE SAWYER 
Production Design by SHEILA ROBERTSON